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convert your link with to avoid blocking links that you share with your friends and free of viruses

Generate Link is a page on a website or blog that is enabled to detect whether the url of the destination link is safe or not from various viruses and malware. By using safelink, the user of the download url can avoid several viruses detected. If on the site's data file there is a type of data that is harmful to your device then you will be warned by this page not to visit the url link. Antivirus that is used will do a scan on the destination page to be accessed allowing you to avoid various kinds of Viruses and Malwware. It's easy and easy to use this page, you only need to wait a few moments then the site will automatically be scanned by safelink so the url link will be detected perfectly. Safelink converter also provides interesting ads when you wait for the scanning process to be done. Some of the ads that are displayed may be interesting and useful for you. If you receive an ad that is not appropriate to be requested at the time of scanning, then make contact with the Admin Blog to get clarity and follow-up of the results of the advertisement needed.
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